EPES Seminars

Fall 2009 seminars

Date Speaker Topic
25-Aug Mark Steffen, Enervation, LLC Developing Locally Owned Wind Farms [abstractslides]
1-Sep PSERC seminar by Prof. Hamid Toliyat, TAMU Recent Advances in Energy Conversion and Storage [anouncement]
8-Sep Prof. Dean Patterson, Univ. of Nebraska–Lincoln Solar and Alternative Energy—The Engineering Issues [abstractslides]
15-Sep PSERC seminar (pre-recorded) TBA
22-Sep Dr. Enis Tuncer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Applied High Temperature Superconductivity Research at ORNL [abstract]
29-Sep Prof. Ganesh Rajagopalan, AerE, ISU Wind Energy Research [abstract]
6-Oct PSERC seminar by Prof. Judy Cardell, Smith College Analyzing the System Costs of Wind Variability
13-Oct Zakaria Joundi, Midwest ISO Generation Interconnection Process Overview
20-Oct Prof. Dionysios Aliprantis, ECpE, ISU Wind Generator Basics (presented at Wind Technology Short Course, in Scheman Building)
27-Oct Cynthia Lord, Alliant Energy Rankine Cycle Power Generation
3-Nov PSERC seminar by Prof. Duncan Callaway, University of California, Berkeley Aggregated Electricity Load Modeling and Control for Regulation and Load Following Ancillary Services
10-Nov Richard Free and Karl-Heinz Mertins, John Deere Wind Energy So John Deere has started to develop a wind farm …. what comes next?
17-Nov Prof. Ayman Fayed, ECpE, ISU Integrated Power Management for Mixed-Signal SoCs: Challenges & Solutions
1-Dec Louie Ervin, CIPCO Where do you go from here? One ISU Engineer’s Experience
8-Dec PSERC seminar by Prof. William Schulze, Cornell University An Engineering and Economic Evaluation of the Impact of Cap-and-Trade for CO2 on Electric Power

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