EPES Seminars

Fall 2010 seminars

Date Speaker Topic
24-Aug Qin Wang, ISU “Perfect Dispatch” and other activities at ISO New England [abstract]
31-Aug Mei Li, ISU Transmission Planning in CAISO [abstract]
7-Sep PSERC seminar by Prof. Ian Dobson, Univ. Wisconsin-Madison New Angles for Monitoring Power System Area Stress with Synchrophasors
14-Sep Yang Gu, ISU Transmission Expansion Planning at Midwest ISO [abstract]
21-Sep Reno Lippold, MidAmerican Energy Synchrophasor Project [abstract]
28-Sep PSERC seminar by Prof. Anjan Bose, Washington State University Implementation Issues for Hierarchical State Estimators
5-Oct PSERC seminar by Prof. Ward Jewell, Wichita State University Grid Effects of Cloud-Induced Variation in Solar Photovoltaic Generation
19-Oct PSERC seminar by Dr. Carl L. Benner, Texas A&M Comparative Characterization of Parallel Distribution Sensors Under Field Conditions
26-Oct Waqas Arshad, Zhenyuan Wang, and Dezheng Wu, ABB Technology Solutions to Meet the Wind Power Potential
2-Nov PSERC seminar by Mr. John Lawhorn, Midwest ISO Actions Being Taken within the Midwest ISO To Address Climate Change
9-Nov Ron Stahlhut, John Deere Vehicle Hybrid Electrification for Off-Road Equipment
16-Nov Zhi “George” Gao, Schneider Electric A Frequency Demodulation Approach to Induction Motor Speed Detection
30-Nov PSERC seminar by Prof. Sakis Meliopoulos, Georgia Institute of Technology Substation of the Future: A Feasibility Study
7-Dec PSERC seminar TBA

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