Auto-Steered Information-Decision Process for Electric Power System Asset Management

Develop a hardware-software prototype capable of auto-steering the information-decision cycles inherent to managing operations, maintenance, and planning of the high-voltage electric power transmission systems. In pursuing this objective, we will implement and advance creative approaches to 5 main problems inherent to management of capital-intensive, geographically distributed physical assets: (a) Sensing and communications; (b) Integrating data; (c) Transforming condition measurements to reliability metrics; (d) Developing and linking multi-time scale stochastic decision algorithms; (e) Valuation of information and subsequent sensor deployment.

Funding Agency

A NSF-funded DDDAS Project

Project start/end dates

Jan 2006-Dec 2010

Project Participants

  • James McCalley, Professor, EE
  • Sarah Ryan, Professor, IMSE
  • Vasant Honavar, Professor, CS
  • William Meeker, Professor, Stat
  • Daji Qiao, Assistant Professor, CE
  • Hieu Pham, Ph.D Student, EE

Project Web site

Auto-Steered Information-Decision Process


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