Cyber Security of Electric Power Infrastructure: Risk Modeling and Mitigation

This project is focused on the cyber security for SCADA system of wind farm. We will first assess the vulnerability of cyber system of wind farm SCADA system. Credible attack scenarios will be developed, and evaluated in an “almost full-scale” test bed. Then we should propose the corresponding mitigation mechanisms.

Funding Agency


Project start/end dates

Aug. 2009-July 2011

Project Participants

  • Chen-Ching Liu
  • Govindarasu Manimaran
  • Jie Yan


  • Jie Yan, Cheng-Ching Liu, Govindarasu Manimaran. Cybersecurity for SCADA system of Wind Farm. Poster session presented at: IEEE PES 2010 General Meeting; 2010 July 25-29; Minneapolis, MN.