Development and Evaluation of System Restoration Strategies from a Blackout

System restoration following a blackout is one of the most important tasks for power system operators. However, few on-line computer tools are available to help operators complete that task in real-time. Indeed, most power system operators rely on off-line restoration plans developed for selected scenarios of contingencies, equipment outages, and available resources. Since the details of an actual blackout are hard to predict in the planning stage, a restoration plan can only serve as a guide in an actual system restoration situation. In this research, we used novel approaches to transmission and distribution system restoration to design modules that can be used in an on-line decision support tool. Using such a tool, once fully developed and tested, operators will be better able to adapt to changing system conditions that occur during an actual restoration.

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Project start/end dates

Aug. 2007-Aug. 2009

Project Participants

  • Chen-Ching Liu, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Wei Sun

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  • W. Sun, C. C. Liu, and L. Zhang, “Optimal Generator Start-up Strategy for Bulk Power System Restoration.” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, under revision.
  • W. Sun, C. C. Liu, and R. F. Chu, “Optimal Generator Start-up Strategy for Power System Restoration.” The 15th International Conference on Intelligent System Application on Power Systems, Curitiba, Brazil, Nov. 2009.