Forecasting Sales of PHEVs and PHEV Users’ Recharging Behavior

Sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and PHEV users’ recharging behavior are two critical factors for studying the potential impact of PHEVs on electric power systems, but the analyses of these two factors are often times oversimplified in existing studies. We propose novel approaches to making more accurate and revealing forecasts of these factors. We will forecast the sales of PHEVs as a function of several interacting sub-factors, including vehicle price, vehicle fuel efficiency, government support, economy, driving needs, gas price, electricity price, recharging infrastructure, etc. We will forecast PHEV users’ recharging behavior as a function of available recharging infrastructures. This project will provide insight on the magnitude of PHEV recharging load on the power grid and how the recharging behavior could be influenced by the availability of recharging infrastructures.

Funding Agency


Project Start/End Dates

August 2010 – August 2012

Project Participants

  • Lizhi Wang
  • Zhaoyang Duan
  • Brittni Gutierrez

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  • Lizhi Wang, Anhua Lin, and Yihsu Chen, “Potential impacts of recharging plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on locational marginal prices,” to appear in  Naval Research Logistics .