Next Generation On-line Dynamic Security Assessment

This project addresses five elemental aspects of analysis for the enhanced performance of on-line dynamic security assessment. These five elemental components includes

  • A systematic process to determine the right-sized dynamic equivalent for the phenomenon to be analyzed
  • Employing risk based analysis to select multi-element contingencies
  • Increased processing efficiency in decision-tree training
  • Using efficient trajectory sensitivity methods to evaluate stability for changing system conditions
  • Efficient determination of the appropriate level of preventive and/or corrective control action to steer the system away from the boundary of insecurity

Funding Agency


Project start/end dates

Jun. 2009-Aug. 2011

Project Participants

This project is a collaboration between Iowa State University (James McCalley) and Arizona State University (Vijay Vittal). Participants from Iowa State University are

  • James McCalley
  • Lei Tang
  • Siddhartha Kumar Khaitan