Technical and Economic Implications of Greenhouse Gas Regulation in a Transmission Constrained Restructured Electricity Market

In the competitive market environment, Generation Companies (GENCOs) can schedule the maintenance periods to maximize their own profits, which also consider ISO’s functionality from the view point of system reliability and cost minimization. Carbon mitigation policies, such as CO2 allowance cap-and-trade market, help to reduce consumption in traditional energy and promote to shift to renewable energy resources. Considering these new effects, GENCOs need to adjust their scheduling strategies in the electricity market and bidding strategies in CO2 allowance cap-and-trade market. The proposed research addresses the challenging issue of generation scheduling under new environmental considerations. In this research, the emission-constrained generation scheduling problem involving generation maintenance scheduling, unit commitment and CO2 allowance cap-and-trade is investigated.

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Aug. 2008-Aug. 2010

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  • Chen-Ching Liu, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Wei Sun

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