May 14 & 15, 2018 – EPRC Annual Meeting

July 27, 2017

Summer cyber security training takes ISU teams on the road.

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May 15 & 16, 2017 – EPRC Annual Meeting

January 14, 2016

ISU Power researchers, EPRC and Alliant, Ames, Cedar Falls and MidAmerican were named in an announcement January 14 from DOE’s Grid Modernization program.

The announcement can be found here:

 Please contact us for more information on ISU’s next steps on these projects.

 The specific proposals funded are as follows:

Project 2- Zhaoyu Wang with Argonne National Labs  (ANL) will develop a system restoration decision support tool to assist utilities after extreme weather events. The tool will integrate weather information/forecasts with system fragility assessment to improve situational awareness and system damage assessments, and use distribution automation to reconfigure distribution grids to reduce outage size and duration.

 Project 3- Zhaoyu Wang, with a team led by ANL, will leverage practical AMI, SCADA, PMU and lab data to develop demand-response enable load/DG models at several scales. The load/DG models will facilitate development of planning models and integrated transmission/distribution models.

 Project 4- Ian Dobson, collaborating with several partners led by ANL will develop and validate a dynamics and protection simulation platform to better understand and mitigate cascading blackouts. The team will build on a dynamics simulator (TS3ph) to fill current industry modeling gaps, accelerate dynamics simulation and verify the simulator with standard industry tools and observed data.

 Project 16- Jim McCalley, collaborating with a team led the National Energy Renewable Laboratory (NREL), will study transmission designs that enable greater electric power transfers across the “seams” of the two main US grids: the Eastern Interconnection and the Western Interconnection. Increased transfer capabilities between these two grids will enable increased deployment of economically attractive renewable energy resources in the Midwest. ISU will use its Cooptimized Generation and Transmission Expansion Planning (CGT-PLAN) software application to develop the initial set  of transmission designs.”